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Lunch & Learn

Career Mentorship

Lunch and Learn Career Education Program

Company Partnerships
The goal is to partner with local companies in specific career fields and create a lunch and learn in person or virtual experience for the scholars in the KB P.O.W.E.R. mentoring program. The partner company has the option to select one of the national school holidays to host a “lunch and learn” experience.

The purpose is to create an engaging learning experience for the scholars, by exposing them to the business and the many career opportunities within a specific industry. In addition to teaching the scholars about specific industries, lunch will also be provided for the professionals and the scholars.

Creating an opportunity for the scholars to sit with the professionals in a social setting, to learn more about each other and share any common interest.

Youth Demographic
11 – 14 years of age / 7th – 9th grade students

No Cost
There is no financial cost to the partner companies. Our organization is asking for your time and sharing your expertise with our scholars. The KB Foundation will work to have all lunches sponsored for each “Lunch & Learn” experience.

Lunch and Learn Company Request

This is a form for companies interested in partnering with us to provide a in-person or virtual lunch and learning experience for our youth.